Page 1 Google Ranking Achieved

When I relaunched my website a couple of months ago I set myself the goal of getting a page 1 ranking on Google for the search term “Mark Christian”. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a murky topic as only Google know the full algorithm – but there are known dos and donts. Getting up the rankings is not easy, and was a task worthy of The Professor’s time and attention.

I can now tick the task off the todo list:

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 09.10.57

I am not sure how hard it is to keep this position – time will tell. I have a large number of updates backed up which I need to attend to – apparently regular updates in content does help your score.

6 thoughts on “Page 1 Google Ranking Achieved”

  1. Congratulations Professor. It will be interesting to see whether you can overtake Rock Hudson’s ex-lover and the Isle of Man racing cyclist in the rankings.

    Meanwhile, over on Bing, you have also made the front page, but are behind an IT Manager from Malta and the owner of Norfolk Falconry.

  2. Thanks for the great info. Like to keep up on the oldies but goodies. There’s an old shop out here where the guy keeps most of the stuff in the back room and then wonders why he can’t sell anything. Well have to check with him on the Poly Yarn.

  3. I currently have a 1000 watt Phillips home theater system and would like to get rid of the passive subwoofer and put in a powered subwoofer. The phillips system does not have component audio outputs. It only has the two small speaker wires that go to the subwoofer. Please let me know how I can hook up a powered subwoofer to this system.

  4. well i hope he doesnt have a problems. We had to get the back person out a number of times because it was so awful from the saddle Ohhh, very nice pony! good luck with him xx

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