Essex University is 50 Years Old

To mark this occasion we shall be returning for a weekend of mayhem on Friday the 12th of September.

The A team (then and now):

The A team

Footnote: Earlier versions of this post showed a different “now” of Mr Gary Flood. His legal representatives has asked that we replace that image with the with the supplied mug shot. Some other participants (well only Robert Middlecoate at the moment – who has unearthed his old Student ID card):

The B team

Sadly, despite the hard sell, not everyone we approached agreed to join us. Here are a few of our friends who will be missed:

People not coming

We had no success persuading girls to join us, no idea why. Paul spoke to both Hannah and Beverly without any joy. I can’t find any photos in my archive of Beverly – but did find a few of Hannah and Perm, and Steve’s old girlfriend Sue – who I could never get to look at the camera:

The B team

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