Shark Attack Project

This is a long and involved project, as every step of the process involves a vast amount of learning and experimentation. The eventually goal is to produce a 1 minute VFX short that adds a computer generated fish and shark to some iPod Touch footage of my niece Hannah and Sandy making fools of themselves (well Sandy certainly is) on an low-end “amusement park ride”. One of the computer generated stars of the show is Mr Rockfish, my attempt at the excellent Modo RockFish Tutorial. Done in Modo 601 the render took 80 hours on my MacBook Pro:

The shark moving into frame at the end of the shot is not the finished model – it is just some static geometry for pre-visualisation purposes.

Step one of adding computer generated elements to a video plate is the the so called camera solve (match moving). The following shows how we do this in Syntheyes for our raw footage:

I need to prove that the camera solve is good enough for the 3d elements to appear to be part of the scene. It their movement does not match the movement of the live plate we have no hope of a convincing final shot. The following explains how we animate an object jumping in an out of the pool, and how we comp that object onto the original plate.

Finally a quick render of some proxy geometry for the RockFish and the Shark repeatedly jumping out and into the pool. The movement seems to match and so the test is a pass in my view, and the project can continue.

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